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MFA grad collaborations - creative projects

March - April 2019

The short works featured here are explorations in choreography and design collaboration for live dance performances at the University of Maryland, School of Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies.

As part of the research for these projects, our dance MFA cohort (4 individuals) exchanged roles as choreographer, lighting designer, sound designer, and videographer Each piece is experimental in nature and remains in 'first draft;' available to be called upon in the future for full oproduction.

A Life Lived Through Lemons 

Videography, lemonography, and editing: Krissy Harris

Music: "Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page 


A Life Lived Through Lemons filmography was integrated, as video projection to the choreography of the work LL by Renee Gerardo.

Choreographer: Renee Gerardo


Qi Xinran Rose,

Renee Gerardo

Videography/Media: Krissy Harris

Sound Design: Qi Xinran Rose

Lighting Design: Gabriel Mata

An Orange Note 

Given the challenge to create for performance in 10 minutes, this piece works with bringing together structured improvisation scores with improvisational lighting design.


Choreographer: Krissy Harris

Performer: Gabriel Mata

Music: 17 Hippies

Lighting Design: Jacob Hughes, Eric Pitney

Impromptu Evening Attire


This dance was made from spontaneous collaboration with MFA costume designers. The designers assigned me a costume, and in the moment, I generated a 1-2 minute performance, as a response to their choice, and an exploration for costumes with dance movement.

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