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Doubled Bodies

October 16th & 18th, 2019

Dance Theatre, University of Maryland, College Park 

A collaborative, co-choreographed work on the undergraduate students of UMD TDPS, as part of the "Second Season" concert series. The performers are a mix of dance majors, theatre majors, and non-performance majors.

Choreographers: Krissy Harris, Gabriel Mata

Performers: Hana Hue, Vicki Zhang, Cassie Curry, Sarah Pryzbocki Miriam Walberg, Brian Bribosa, Morgan Pravato, Sara Budlow, Mary Mae Robinson

Music: CHIC, Van McCoy, Moody Blues, Mötley Crüe, White Snake, David Bowie, Duran Duran

Costume & Sound Design: Krissy Harris & Gabriel Mata

Lighting Design: Jisu Han, with graduate mentorship from 

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