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Process & Practice

My digital art practice is an exploration of generating and processing ideas, non-hierarchically. I view each work as a experimental conversation with pieces of my choreographic research. They are a combination of ongoing ideas, reflections, and stamps in time. 


Film/Media Projects


Choreography and Media: Krissy Harris

Lighting Design: Eric Pitney

Music: "Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. 1 No. 16 in G Minor" by Min Kym


A short film project, bringing together structured improvisations of choreography, lighting, filming and editing.

HERed [draft 2]

Choreography and Media: Krissy Harris, with aluminum foil.

Lighting Design: Eric Pitney

Music: Soundscore by Krissy Harris, with “Crimson and Clover” by

Joan Jett and The Heartbreakers


HERed [draft 2] is a continuation of my digital interdisciplinary art project, HERed.

The work explores my relationship with gender, Queer wonder, and navigation of a shifting identity. It is anchored in interdisciplinary arts study and 1980s rock and roll history.

HERed [draft 1]

Media and Editing: Krissy Harris, with aluminum foil

Music: "Lacrimosa" by Mozart


HERed [draft 1] explores my relationship with gender, Queer wonder, and identity.

Performed at the virtual Side Step Concert supported by

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

at The University of Maryland, College Park in April 2021.

Image Projects

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