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Frequency Machines

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This work was created in spring 2021 of the COVID19 Pandemic. It was live rehearsed, live performed, and prerecorded for streaming to audiences, following all safety restrictions and protocol

Frequency Machines

May 7 + 8, 2021

Pre-recorded, virtual stream performance

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park 


Choreographer: Krissy Harris

Performers: Krissy Harris, Hana Hue, Maggie Laszewski

Video: Robert Woofter

Costume Design: Ashlynne Ludwig

Lighting Design: Michael Winston

Projection Design: Taylor Verrett

Sound Design: Kira Peck

Music Credits: Soundscore by Krissy Harris with Cher, Throbbing Gristle,

                    and the Village People

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