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Teaching Statement 

My classes are tethered to sensation and imagery. They are highly physical and play with gravity, weight, and momentum. They take on a circular and improvisational framework, to make space for a wide range of movement experiences, training histories, and learning styles. 

I work with an embodied feminist pedagogy and a pursuit to dismantle hierarchical learning structures. My classes and curriculum integrate mental health awareness into vigorous technical training. I believe in the transformative power of dance and centering the discovery process in learning at all training and practice levels. I explore the ways in which we can center the body as an active knowledge producer, and trust in its sensations to guide our movement choices.


My teaching experience lives in postmodern dance practice, with beginner - advanced level adult classes and work with K-12 students. Wherever my dance teaching is happening, I am committed to diversity work, cultivating joy in dance spaces, and working towards equity and inclusivity. My hope in sharing this with you, is to continue connecting with dance artists, dance scholars, educators, institutions, organizations, and dance communities who are working to do the same.

At the college and university level, courses taught include:


Modern/Postmodern Dance Technique

(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course levels) 


Dance Improvisation

Dance Composition/Choreography   


(Beginner-Intermediate levels)


Creative Process

(Guest choreography projects with undergraduate students)


Voice, Text, & Dance Making  

Introduction to Dance                                    

(Focuses on dance appreciation, dance theory, dance history, through a sociocultural framework)

Please see my CV for more info


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