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Zoso solo research, recalibrated.

Research showing: October 20, 2018 / Digital revamp showing: December 8, 2020

A showing of my work Zoso, unintentionally captured in slow motion.

I originally wrote off this video footage as unusable.

Later on I rediscovered it and brought it into my digital art practice.

The work is an exploration of notions of womanhood and femininity, in conversation with rock and roll iconography of the 1970s and Led Zeppelin.

I am dancing through a sensation-based movement score, that is driven by the desire to swoop, bounce, and cascade through the space. Informed by sensation, imagination, and emotions, the ideas of my research swirl and collide together as I move through the score.

This digital image, inspired by colors of the 1970s, was created as a response to the movement score. Colors, light, shadow, and inversion shift, cascade, and collide.

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